Danielle Derksen, owner and designer of the ethical brand Dress me Dutch of Amsterdam.

The DmD label is a story about all women and moms of planet earth. We all know that a mother is the first roll-model in a child’s life. The same goes for the DmD collection. There is more behind our clothes than you might think at first. People don’t always realize that there are small children and even animals involved in making our clothes. According to Danielle (owner and designer of this brand), it’s important to know where your money is spent or what you support.

In a comfortable minimalist style, which complements today’s multitasking woman, Dress me Dutch offers a pure, honest product for a reasonable price.

By spending your money on our clothes you saved with us a child from being abused and a animal being killed for fashion  -x-


Today our customers are primarily women who are of great importance in politics and business, women from Germany, Belgium, England, Italy and Netherlands. The demand for our concept of fashion is great among this group, which we are very proud of.