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Workshop 3D Printing

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I was very excited about the workshop in Dusseldorf with VNUS-Fashion. This new platform where the owner wants to connect entrepreneurs with each other from over the world, share knowledge, introduces you to new corporations and gives you a stage is a interesting way of doing business. You have something for me, I have something for you.

Yesterday we met with Victor Portes from Dutchcatwalk who worked all over the world, as a designer, educator and innovator. He showed us the possibilities of 3D Printing. Immediately I thought about replacing animals in the fashion industry. Because if everything is possible than we can stop with the horror industry of animal abuse for fashion.


Soon I will visit him in his office in Amsterdam, because there is so much more to learn….




Friends of DMD

STOCKSALE 15 oktober 2016

Het is weer zover! In het modekwartier van Arnhem ruimen ontwerpers hun voorraden op. De kasten weer eens lekker opruimen. Left-over stoffen, samples en de laatste maten.

Wij zijn 15 oktober te vinden boven Goed Proeven!


Tot de 15e -x-


Friends of DMD

Online shopping <3

We are very happy to tell you that we found a real good partner in

End of this week you can shop online for Dress me Dutch Amsterdam trough our website and find our exclusive designs on shoptiques. Together with the most original boutiques of New York, Sidney, Paris, London we introduce Amsterdam in America. Happy shopping -x-



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Outdoor Gelderland

It’s all about horses from 29 June till 3 July…. And we love horses. These beautiful majestic animal is wonderful to look at, see them work, the magic between humans and the free spirit of the horse.

On this great horses event Dress me Dutch will show some of her collection at Outdoor Gelderland on:


15.00 PM    &   22.00 PM


The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable and grace unlike any other,
still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back.

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Fashion Design Festival

Nacht van de Mode’ is a leading event by Fashion District – ‘Modekwartier’ Arnhem. For eight years in a row Designers and entrepreneurs collaborate intensively, in order to strengthen Fashion District’s fundaments even more. ‘Nacht van de Mode’ is participating in the Fashion Design Festival Arnhem.

Saturday June 11th 2016, ‘Modekwartier’ Arnhem will be the scene of a thrilling event: many designers and entrepreneurs keep their shops and studio’s open until midnight, giving anyone who loves fashion and design the opportunity for late night shopping. This year’s theme will be Treasures: as in the end quality will always prevail, and every single product that leaves the Fashion District is a result of hard work, pure passion and much love and dedication.

While there are loads of impressions to collect inside, there’s a party going on in the streets of ‘Modekwartier’. Sonsbeek Singel offers a specail opening, tableau vivants, there’s loads of theater, live music, dance and nice drinks and good foods.

Friends of DMD

Very expensive fashion

You love to shop every week as much as possible?

The cheaper the better right?  And also like to be on trend, because what they have is a must have for you to!

When the season is over you never look at it again do you? Also probably never thought of who made this piece of work you might even trow away to end up on the mountain of more than 13 million tons of textile every year being thrown away yes? Also in Holland ja ja.

Than our brand is not what you are looking for!