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Our own way

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Respect people but follow your own route is what we shout out since we started this cruelty free brand.

We don’t believe in cruelty fashion and made this our direction of showing you the possibilities you have. <3 nous aimons la mode<3 but not on every price. Our costumer understands because they choose for less clothes in there closet, or share there clothes with others… or even wait until we clean up our closet with sales.

We are so happy with the changes the last years where green labels, clothing libraries and sustainable brands pop out like mushrooms 🙂  And we keep on going our own direction as well.

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Thank you for a great succes

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Last Saturday

We like to thank all of our costumers and visitors to our boutique. We hope you enjoyed the time with us.

If you like to keep up we suggest you connect with us on Facebook (below on the homepage)

Let’s spread our good energy to the world and make it a wonderful loving place together hart