Stof Info / Sizelabels


S     36

M    38 – 40

L     40 -42

XL    44 – 46

Bovenwijdte / Bust


88 –  92

96 – 100

100 – 104

Taillewijdte / Waist


72 –  76

80 – 84

  84 – 88

Heupwijdte / Hips


98 – 102


110 – 114


Cotton is skin friendly and can as many as 20% of its own weight to absorb moisture. Cotton does not tear, is very light, not felted and is washable. Cotton is a natural product derived from the cotton plant. The fibers are spun into threads and usually used to make breathable textile out of it. Cotton can shrink, so we recommend not to wash 40 degrees hotter than cotton.


Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel began (partly) forced to because of a fabric shortage in time (and taboo breaking as it was) with the use of jersey fabrics for women’s fashion. Jersey was formerly used only for men’s underwear. Her clothing was then embraced by many women because the substance also wonderfully comfortable wearing it. However no real substance, but jersey is a collective name for a group of substances with a certain binding work. Wash at 30 degrees.


Rayon, artificial silk traditionally also called, is a soft and flexible fiber that is very friendly to the skin. The fabric looks like cotton, is a natural product and has a noble shine. This substance should not be washed above 40 degrees and remains beautiful in model by her to washing to put down.


Lyocell is a natural fiber, made from eucalyptus trees. The wood is extracted from specially managed, sustainable forests (it starts so all good!). The trees are cut down, the bark is removed, and then the bare stems into small chopped, about the size of a postage stamp. All those chips in a large Slammer along with a chemical that will solve the shreds and a liquid forms.It is the only fiber invented in the past 30 years.


Lycra is a trademark of Invista (formerly Du Pont) and is an elastic fiber. We know lycra spandex or elastane and also as is widely used for swimming clothing or sportswear. These comfortable stretchy fabric is resistant to salt water, sunlight and is abrasion resistant. Should be washed at 30 degrees.


Polyester Is a smooth soft fabric. After washing it is not necessary to this substance to iron out because they barely crease. Polyester breathes not good and wash up to 30 degrees.


Nylon polyamide called Nylon, also called crease either, is waterproof and resilient. This substance is widely used in stockings, tights or bathing suits. Look after between 30 and 40 degrees.


Acryl also called poly acrylic called. In terms of appearance seems acrylic on wool and is often used in sweaters or used as imitation fur. It carries warm and not itch. May go Frizz after a time. Wash at 30 degrees and do not tumble dry.

Applications and embroidery on clothing our clothes with applications can be machine washed.

Always wash inside out and preferably on a short program, but not higher than 30 degrees. Black clothing remains beautiful color due to a little liquid detergent to use. But of course the old-fashioned way by a drizzle of vinegar to the final rinse to add.

Ironing 1 dot . stands for 110 degrees 2 .. dots stand for 150 degrees 3 … dots stand for 200 degrees. A cross on the iron means the garment may not be ironed.